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Case of the Wolfman (#3)

When you live in the Enchanted Forest, the ‘weird’ and ‘strange’ don’t phase you. Finding yourself haunting your own dead body is another thing entirely. I don’t remember how I died, or who I am. Some answers would be nice, and I might just get some.

The Crowns Guard assigned to investigate my murder can see ghosts and she’ll stop at nothing to find answers so I can cross over.

Turns out I’m a Werewolf, so the list of suspects isn’t exactly short…oh, and it looks like I was a part of the Hogman gang. Not comforting. They won’t hesitate to add a nosy, ‘won’t-back-down’ Crowns Guard to their hit list. The closer she gets to solving the case, the more powerful the enemies become.

Can she help me cross over without becoming a ghost herself?

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