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I’m TP Hogan. I’m an Australian Author.

I wanted to write something about me that would make you think that I was wonderfully fabulous and awesome. One of those formal, ‘this is the author’ segments. Well-worded and comprehensive, but that’s not to be. I’m just me. Nerdy, introverted, passionate about my stories, and hopeful that you will be also.

I write speculative fiction because it allows me to escape…and explore hidden worlds, inhabited by the creatures of my imagination.

She writes…what, now?

Speculative fiction. It’s all the genres with elements that don’t ‘exist’ in the current natural world. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Magical Realism…and more.

About as far from Literary Fiction as you can get.

Here’s your not-so-formal invitation to join me in these hidden worlds.

Welcome to the hidden worlds of Shattered, Nephilim Code, and the Therianthrope series. (Yeah, it took me a bit to learn how to say that, too. – There-an-throw-pp)

When I do step, owlishly, into reality it is to mess about with baking ideas, play DND, drink copious amounts of coffee, and remember that there is a whole other world to explore, in the guise of the beautiful Atherton Tablelands of Queensland, Australia.

Oh, and I love talking to my readers and other authors. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, or here on my website.

Enjoy your stay, and I hope to meet you in the next hidden world.