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I’m TP Hogan. I write speculative fiction because it allows me escape…and explore hidden worlds, inhabited by the creatures of my imagination. Here’s your not-so-formal invitation to join me in these realms. Welcome to the hidden worlds of such stories as Shattered, Nephilim Code and the Therianthrope series. (Yeah, it took me a bit to learn how to say that, too.)

When I do step, owlishly, into reality it is to mess about with baking ideas, play DND, drink copious amounts of coffee and remember that there is a whole other world to explore, in the guise of the beautiful Atherton Tablelands of Queensland, Australia.

Oh, and I love talking to my readers and other authors. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram or here on my website.

Enjoy your stay, and I hope to meet you in the next hidden world.